NUTRICIA welcomes the first newborn of year 2016!

NUTRICIA, represented in Cyprus by LIFEPHARMA (Z.A.M.) LTD provides for a 9th consecutive year the FIRST NEWBORN OF THE YEAR in Cyprus with “JUMP START” IN LIFE.

Thanks to a generous gift by NUTRICIA, a leader in early childhood nutrition, new parents RobertoToska and Zoi Katsari who have given birth to the first newborn of the year at 2:00 A.M at Pantazis Clinic in Limassol were awarded assistance of €1000 for the care of their newborn.

nutricia first baby 2016

NUTRICIA has financially supported the first newborn of the year for the 9th  year running, and comes as an extension of its global ‘Supporting Life’ programme with a vision of supporting family strengthening and improving the quality of family life in Cyprus.


For over a century worldwide, the brand NUTRICIA is the epitome of early childhood nutrition, reflected through its vision of being a responsible company that is implicated in the development of family strengthening.  Its global ‘Supporting Life’ programme is a special partnership programme with the global charity ‘SOS Children’s Villages’, and  with NUTRICIA, a Danone company, having awarded almost €40,000 for the charity over more than 6 years through initiatives that support the most vulnerable in society. The extension of NUTRICIA’s global partnership programme in Cyprus comes with a series of initiatives throughout the year including the First Newborn of the Year Campaign, as well as a series of events across Cyprus on International Children’s Day each year.

Mr. Andreas Georgiades, Sales and Marketing Manager for NUTRICIA in Cyprus, said:  “We are thrilled to see our ‘NUTRICIA First Newborn of the Year’ campaign extend into a 9th successful year and are excited to be able to participate in the family’s joy with the beginning of a new life and the lovely new moments that await them!  We work to build strong and lasting relationships with everyone we deal with through our ‘Supporting Life’ programme. It is these relationships of trust that are absolutely crucial to our ongoing success and our continued contribution to improving the quality of family life in Cyprus is of primary importance to us.”

For 2016, NUTRICIA continues its commitment to the Cyprus market through further development of its milk products, guaranteeing that each product contains the optimum nutrients needed by infants and toddlers at each stage of their development.

For further information on NUTRICIA products in Cyprus call 22 056300 ​​or email

Nutricia is represented in Cyprus by Lifepharma (Z.A.M.) Ltd. – Member of the MSJ Group, a leading Trading organisation with a prominent status in the health sector in Cyprus and Greece. Over an impressive 70 year progression, the Group has proven leadership for the respect for human life and well-being, consistently holding focus on achieving excellence within the health sector. The Group’s activities in Cyprus focus on the importation, marketing, sale, distribution and scientific support of an extensive range of healthcare products in the following sectors: leading pharmaceutical brands, Baby and Enteral Clinical Nutrition, Dental Health, innovative medical devices, laboratory equipment, and new generation veterinary medicines and agricultural chemicals. The team members in Cyprus include: M. S. Jacovides & Co Ltd, PharmNet Ltd, LifePharma (Z.A.M.) Ltd, Genesis Pharma Ltd, Vetagrica Ltd, AgroLan Ltd.