NOVAX Opthalmic Products in Cyprus.

M. S. Jacovides & Co. Ltd member of the Jacovides Group in Cyprus proudly announces the launch of NOXAX Opthalmic Products in Cyprus.

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Novax Pharma is a multinational company based in the Principality of Monaco between Italy and South of France, renowned for the richness of its flora and the numerous businesses that have been working, often for several generations, on the treatment and extraction of natural essences.

Novax Pharma develops, produces and commercializes its own range of ophthalmic products.

Eager to respond to consumer expectation, Novax Pharma offers a global means of ocular protection and well-being with original formulae using the efficiency of natural products.

Each Novax Pharma product is the fruit of phytotherapy and product formulation exploration, resulting in a finely dosed synergy of the ingredients.
Respecting a strict laboratory quality charter, these products are not tested on animals and contain no toxic substances.