MULTILAC Symbiotic for gastrointestinal disorders

M. S. Jacovides & Co. Ltd  announces the launch of MULTILAC Symbiotic in Cyprus.

Πατήστε εδώ για την MULTILAC παρουσίαση στα ελληνικά

MULTILAC is a modern symbiotic containing probiotic component – 9 selected strains of live cultures of probiotic bacteria – and prebiotic component – oligofructose .

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Innovative encapsulation technology MURE ( MDR encapsulation ) protects probiotic bacteria contained in MULTILAC , the low acidity of gastric juice, bile salts and digestive enzymes.

multilac works

This helps to adapt their survival in the intestinal lumen , and the preservation of their high biological activity. Live strains of probiotic bacteria recover and maintain the balance of the gastro- intestinal microflora as a prebiotic component MULTILAC is the source of energy needed for the development of probiotic bacteria , which maintain them active in the gastrointestinal tract for a longer period of time.

The bacterial strains contained in MULTILAC break down to simple sugars, lactose , which is beneficial to patients with lactase deficiency , which can not tolerate dairy products.

MULTILAC does not contain milk , casein or preservatives , and therefore it is safe , for example, for patients who are allergic to the products of this group .

MULTILAC is particularly recommended for : Extra treatment during and after antibiotic treatment, An additional treatment with functional gastrointestinal disorders of various origins, During periods of increased susceptibility to infections. 

1-daily (evening time) is the recommended dosage.