1944 – Establishment of MICHEL S. JACOVIDES as a retail pharmacy in Nicosia, Cyprus

1950 – Among the first importers and distributors of pharmaceuticals in the Cyprus market

1959 – Entry into the field of Vaccines. First company to import and sell Polio and Influenza vaccines in Cyprus

1964 – Entry into the Animal Health market segment

1973 – Entry into the Dental Health, Consumer Health and OTC field

1977 – Establishment of the affiliate company VETAGRICA LTD, to handle exclusively Veterinary and Crop Protection products and Farm Disinfectants

1978 – Entry into the field of Medical & Hospital Supplies and high-tech Medical Devices.

1979 – Expansion into the field of Biologicals and Clinical Lab Equipment & Supplies

1982 – Establishment of affiliate in Athens M. S. JACOVIDES HELLAS SA, for expanding the organization’s activities in Greece by focusing on innovative high-tech medical devices for sales to Hospitals and Clinics.

1986 – Completion of modern wholly owned Headquarters in Nicosia

1994 – Jacovides Group’s 50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Well-publicized social/business activities to commemorate the Group’s 50th anniversary.

1997 – Establishment of a new affiliate in Athens, GENESIS PHARMA S.A., to handle niche pharmaceutical products resulting from biotechnology research. Signed an Agreement with Biogen/Idec for Greece and Cyprus.

1998 – Acquired new premises of 3300 sq. m. building, off Kifisias Avenue in Athens, an investment of €5 million, incorporating the operations of M. S. JACOVIDES HELLAS SA and GENESIS PHARMA S.A. for Greece and the Balkan countries.

1999 – Acquisition of the company Papadakis Agrochemicals Ltd and its partner Agrolink, by the Jacovides Group.

2000 – Establishment of a new affiliate in Cyprus, GENESIS PHARMA (CYPRUS) LTD, to handle niche pharmaceutical products resulting from biotechnology research in the Cyprus market.

2000 – Landmark in the history of M.S.JACOVIDES & CO LTD: Celebration of 50-years partnership with MSD (Merck & Co., USA) in Cyprus

2000 – Establishment of the Associated Company in Cyprus, PHARMNET LTD, to handle logistics, distribution and warehousing services to pharmaceutical companies operating in Cyprus through a local partner or directly

2002 – M. S. JACOVIDES HELLAS SA celebrates 20 years of successful presence in the Greek Market.

2005 – Jacovides Group in Cyprus, acquired LIFEPHARMA (Z.A.M.) LTD, a company operating in Cyprus in the field of pharmaceuticals, food supplements and vitamins, babyfood, clinical nutrition,  consumer health and OTC products.

2006 – LIFEPHARMA (Z.A.M.) LTD invested in well known branded OTC pharmaceuticals that contributed to the significant market penetration of its non-prescription products through pharmacies, in the years ahead.

2008 – M.S.JACOVIDES & CO. LTD, expanded its presence in the Dental Health business, after signing an agreement with SUNSTAR Switzerland, for the marketing and sales of the GUM brand of dental hygiene products in the Cyprus market.

2009 – PHARMNET LTD has merged with MARATHON DISTRIBUTORS LTD– the largest state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals warehouse and distribution company to pharmacies in Cyprus.

2010 – In January, the MSJ Group, signed an Agreement with COSMOS TRADING, (recently Laiko-Cosmos) for the distribution of the Group’s consumer products to Retail outlets. At the same time the Jacovides Group acquired a stake in COSMOS TRADING.

2010 – VETAGRICA LTD – Member of the Jacovides Group, established AGROLAN LTD, to handle exclusively agrochemical and crop protection products of BASF Germany, a leading global manufacturer of innovative crop chemicals and other chemicals.

2011– M. S. JACOVIDES & CO. LTD, entered the field of orthodontic products, after signing an agreement with 3M